I guess I should leave this here.

I joined Tumblr out of boredom, and I never intended to be here for very long—in fact, I stayed much longer than I expected.

I shall be going into my final year of high school next year, so I must rid myself of such distractions.

I may still drop in from time to time, but other than that, this account will be mainly inactive. Goodbye, and thank you all for the likes, reblogs, follows, nice messages, and all that jazz.

Sickkkk blog, love your taste in anime also ;D philmyballs-deactivated20111209

Aww, thank you!! :3
Anime is love. ♥

your blog makes me want to watch pokemon all over again :3 btw, what do you think of ash's new look in pokemon best wishes? — Anonymous

Yay! I’m very happy to hear that! Everyone should watch Pokémon because it is a truly fantastic show! :)

Hmm, Ash’s new look… Well, I remember my first thought was something like, “So now he’s actually growing younger…”
I guess I would have preferred that they keep the old style, but I don’t mind the new one. And overall, I’m really enjoying the Best Wishes series, much to my surprise.